Why You Need a Doula

Our doula Shelley is absolutely incredible and a seriously gifted healer. Pregnancy is extremely physical but it is equally as emotional. I think that all too often the emotional body gets forgotten in our current model of pregnancy. Shelley really nurtures that part of the journey. She is the least judgmental person I have ever met. My husband and I always felt safe talking to her and navigating through pregnancy and postpartum. She also is phenomenal about including the husbands in a way that makes sense for them. She can be mystical and practical all at once which worked perfectly for my husband and I. Shelley fostered some of the best conversations he and I have ever had.

I knew after taking her prenatal yoga classes and learning that she was a doula that I wanted to have her at my birth. My husband and I do not have any close family and I knew that he would need support just as much as I would. Shelley helped me step into my power as a woman, she provided the spiritual guidance I had been seeking. She made me feel like anything was possible and that was absolutely the energy I needed in the labor and delivery room. She helped me lift the veil and find out who I really was deep down inside, and what my heart really really wanted. At first when we would dance at the end of yoga class I would feel SO uncomfortable but by the end of my pregnancy I was really able to let go.

I distinctly remember a beautiful moment as I was in transition labor. I was having a contraction and I opened my eyes and met her gaze; all I remember is an intense knowing, we were communicating without saying a word and it was exactly what I needed. Her female and maternal energy anchored me in my femininity during one of the most vulnerable times of my life.

My husband and I are so thankful that she was there and part of our experience. I cannot imagine how my birth would have gone if we did not have her there. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Here is her website if you are interested in learning more about her services: http://www.prenatalyogawithshelley.com/

If you are pregnant and are looking for support or to learn more about pregnancy, take her yoga classes!!

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