Upgrade Those Terrible OEM Subaru Fog Lights!

One of the first DIY upgrades we usually to to a new vehicle is upgrade the lights;

Morimoto LED Fog Installed!

you can never have too much light! So, when we realized how useless the OEM fog lights were on our Subaru WRX, we set out in search of an upgrade.  We read quite a few positive reviews on the plug & play Morimoto LEDs, we went over to The Retrofit Source and picked some up!

Now, the instructions seemed simple enough, but we headed over to the web to find a decent tutorial. But, we couldn’t find one, so we made one!

Now, the only tools you really need are:

After that, all you do is clean them, apply the film, and remove you factory fog light assembly.  We transferred the tabs from the OEM housings to the news ones, checked the voltage to figure out which was positive and negative, then put everything back together!  The trickiest part was getting the bumper panels popped out!  Watch below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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