Top 5 Cliches Babies Refuse To Follow

Baby Cliches? Don’t panic; we’re not turning into a baby blog (and we’ll tell you why not soon) AND we’re not turning into Buzzfeed.  BUT, over the last few weeks, we couldn’t help but notice some cliches JUST DON’T APPLY to babies. Some are just general cliches that we hear all the time, and some are even specifically about babies, but they’re all things babies just don’t do! So, for starters:

5. Hold Your Head Up!

Let’s face it; they can’t really help it.  But the first thing they teach you in all of the baby classes is Support Their Head!  They’re like little bobble heads!  We tried to find you a funny video, but that just lead us down some weird YouTube places… So let’s continue.

4. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Another simple one; if your baby is crying, and you drop the bottle and spill the milk, there will be much crying until you get another.  No amount of shushing or pacifiers will help you, either!

3. Don’t Sh*t Where You Eat

Ok, this might gross you out, but if you have a baby, this will be the LEAST of concerns that will gross you out. You outgrow that after the first diaper!  But, seriously, while their eating, babies will often make more room.  But, let’s be honest, who hasn’t gotten up at a restaurant to make some room for desert? At least we get up!

2.  Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Every try and make a baby wait for anything? Go ahead, give it a shot; we’ll wait here for you. How did that work out? Exactly…

1.  Sleep Like A Baby

On one hand, we understand this one.  Babies seems to be able to sleep through just about anything.  BUT, that is true for an hour or two at most.  After that, when the baby wakes up, so do you!  At that point, you have approximately 30 seconds from the first grumbles to an all out alarm.  At this point, you better start to understand what the baby is crying about, too, so you can take care of it, and hopefully get back to sleep for another restful hour (if you’re lucky). We actually found the Dunstan Baby Language DVD IMMENSELY helpful, and if you have a baby (or some coming), then you NEED to walk this DVD!

The reality is, babies are just hilarious. Don’t believe us? Check this out:

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