The First Year Of RV Ownership!

Our 1 year RV anniversary is coming up soon!  Owning an RV is wonderful and has enhanced our lives in more ways than we initially imagined it would.  We were also very aware before we purchased it that they do come with their fair share of workmanship issues.  So we promised each other that our first year we should use it as much as we possibly could to shake out all these issues while the rig was still under warranty.  In that time, she’s seen much of the US, and has soldiered on from temperatures as low as 3 degrees to as high as 113 degrees!  16K miles later, the warranty has paid for its self several times over.


La Mesa RV has been amazing; we were worried that we were going to walk off that lot and it would be a fight every single time the RV needed work done.  Every time we bring it in (and we have brought it in MANY times), they are beyond helpful, and their customer service is truly phenomenal.

The first issue we had were the outside graphics wearing out after only a few trips, they replaced them, no questions asked.  We had a few internal issues as well, our control panel was cracked and then ripped the vinyl wall its mounted on, and the drawer under our couch wasn’t latching.  RV stayed at the dealership for about a week while they fixed everything.

The first issues we had were not too bad, I got my hopes up, maybe our RV didn’t have all the terrible issues you read about on the forums! That was short lived.  Next we had issues with the DEF system (which got repaired by Mercedes).  We began to notice that our water pump would make noise randomly as if the system was losing pressure, indicating a leak somewhere in the system.  I was looking for something under the sink and sure enough there was a leak that had totally ruined the top shelf, they repaired the leak and replaced the shelf!  Still didn’t fix the water pump coming on however. Then we had issues with our black water valve which began slowly leaking black water in our storage space NOT good. They fixed that issue promptly.

We went issue free for a while, but some more issues eventually popped up. When we filled up with city water, and sometimes when we would shower, we would notice a substantial amount of water coming out from the front corner of the bathroom door.  We had noticed it a few times before and brought it up but they couldn’t find anything; they tried re-sealing the shower since it looked like it was pulling away from the wall a little bit, but that didn’t solve the problem.  So back the RV went and this time they did discover another leak!  We are excited to get the rig back and use it to make sure we no longer have leaks or a noisy water pump.

Our bathroom door also decided to break away from its guiding track which they promptly fixed.  We actually managed to lose two hubcap covers which, we are amazed and thankful to say, they are also covering under the warranty!  Our inverter which has a little fan and control panel underneath the bed began to make a lot of noise, the fan was much louder than normal and we started to hear a high pitched whine coming through our sound system when we played music or watched TV.  We brought it up to the dealership and sure enough the inverter was going on us, so they are replacing that!


Our RV has taken us more places than we could have ever imagined, the maintenance comes along with the territory.  I am so thankful we have an amazing dealership and we used the crap out of our RV the first year to really test it and shake out any potential issues.

Cheers to the next year of RV ownership and adventure!!!!!!!!!!!