The First RV Ski Trip!

Hello Adventurers! Since our RV did so well in the snow over Christmas we decided to take her back up to Mammoth and actually get some skiing in! Mammoth Mountain Snowman is currently reporting a 50-125 inch base which made for some pristine skiing this weekend.  We drove up early Friday morning and got to the Mammoth Mountain RV park in the early afternoon.  We quickly went up to the main lodge to grab our mountain collective pass so we would be ready to go first thing the next morning.  We got the RV settled, and most importantly after the long drive, we got dinner and drinks at our favorite place in town, Rafters.  I got a blackberry Moscow Mule that was delicious!  It is really convenient that Rafters is only a few blocks away from the RV park!

Friday night we slept like babies, it was no where near as cold this weekend so we were able to keep the RV much more comfortable.  It also helped that I was able to bring along my beautiful Christmas present!  Paul and I have been dreaming of owning a beautiful Pendleton blanket for a few years now.  We stumbled upon the brand when we were in Jackson Hole and fell in love, this year he surprised me with this gorgeous Mt. Hood blanket.  It’s amazing how soft they are, and how warm it kept us! PendletonWoolenMills

We have a tiny little crockpot that we keep in the RV and this trip we decided we would try a slow cooker breakfast recipe so we would wake up to a warm breakfast.  We decided to throw together an egg casserole and it turned out okay.  I think next time we will try one of the oatmeal recipes!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, and headed to the mountain.  The visibility was really poor with light snowfall and whiteout conditions for most of the morning.  The winds and visibility were so bad that they closed down the top which meant the lower mountain runs were very crowded.  It also did not help that this was a holiday weekend and A LOT of people had come up from socal.  We decided to give the lower runs some time to clear out so we grabbed an early lunch at The Mill, where a fight broke out at the bar! After seeing that and seeing how crowded the mountain was (and how reckless some of the skiers and snowboarders were riding), we decided to call it an early day and headed back to our condo on wheels to relax.

Saturday night we went out for a delicious dinner at the Chart house and concluded the night in our RV.  Since the RV park has wifi, we were able to get our Fire TV stick to work! We were able to stream movies and TV shows just like at home.

Sunday morning we got up ready to go hit the mountain!  The forecast for Sunday called for blue skies and it turned out to be a stunning blue bird day.  Paul and I were feeling much more comfortable on the skis and with the whole mountain being open, the runs we love were MUCH less crowded.  We got in a good half day of skiing and then hit the road home.

We had a phenomenal time at Mammoth, that mountain is amazing and never disappoints (even when its crowded).  Cheers to the ski season!!  I always watch this video at the start of the season, it cracks me up, enjoy!