Kern River Rafting
If you looked at pictures from our Kern River adventures, you wouldn’t think it’s the deadliest in California.  But that placid look is part of what makes it so deadly, and it claimed 3 more victims this weekend, and 26 more had to be rescued from the roaring river, as […]

California’s Deadliest River Claims 3 More Victims

Penny Arrives At The Shop! 1
We love a good DIY project, especially when it involves a sweet vintage trailer, and even more when there’s a bar involved!  So, let’s say Hello, Penny, and tell you all about this project! When we first met Scott, we were snowed in at Mammoth Mountain learning everything we did […]

Amazing DIY Conversion of 70 Year Old Trailer!

Fresh Bread
This title may sound like a bit of hyperbole, but if you try this unbelievable 4 ingredient no-knead bread recipe and don’t agree with us, we’ll eat our words! There are two things that make this recipe really stand out; just HOW EASY it is, and HOW GREAT it actually tastes! […]

Best Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Try!!

We’ve given you a few of our favorite recipes before, but this Romanian Roasted Eggplant Salad recipe (Salata de vinete reteta in Romanian – it’s really more of a spread than salad) is hands down our favorite, along with a side of roasted red peppers (ardei copt)!  We have made […]

Recipe That Will Change How You Thing Of Eggplants! Plus ...

Fine Dining and camping or skiing don’t always go together.  And, while we love to cook in our RV when we are up in the mountains, when we go to destinations like Aspen, our little foodie hearts just can’t bear the thought of missing out on all the cool food […]

Fine Dining Aspen Culinary Adventures – THE Places for 5 ...

One of the things you learn when you have a baby on the way is that you need a whole new batch of THINGS!  We are so lucky to have a great and supportive family that just threw a baby shower for us, and this weekend, we started the unboxing […]

The Unboxing Begins!

One of the first DIY upgrades we usually to to a new vehicle is upgrade the lights; you can never have too much light! So, when we realized how useless the OEM fog lights were on our Subaru WRX, we set out in search of an upgrade.  We read quite […]

Upgrade Those Terrible OEM Subaru Fog Lights!

The second trimester of pregnancy has been full of a LOT of personal AND physical growth. This pregnancy has thrown me into an intensely spiritual place, which I was pretty unprepared for. One of the biggest areas of personal development I had been focusing on was learning to be more […]

Second Trimester – What’s Important To Me And The Books ...

While we try and plan our adventures, we don’t always know what accessories we’ll end up needing!  But, we like to be prepared, so we’ve come up with a list of things we always carry, and wanted to share our experience of what items have worked out well!  Some of […]

MUST HAVE Adventure Accessories!

Holy crap I am pregnant!!  Here has been my experience so far!! Paul and I hadn’t exactly been “trying” but we also decided to no longer actively not try; basically we decided to stop birth control and whatever happened, happened. About 6-7 months after stopping birth control, I noticed my […]

First Trimester!