The second trimester of pregnancy has been full of a LOT of personal AND physical growth. This pregnancy has thrown me into an intensely spiritual place, which I was pretty unprepared for. One of the biggest areas of personal development I had been focusing on was learning to be more […]

Second Trimester – What’s Important To Me And The Books ...

While we try and plan our adventures, we don’t always know what accessories we’ll end up needing!  But, we like to be prepared, so we’ve come up with a list of things we always carry, and wanted to share our experience of what items have worked out well!  Some of […]

MUST HAVE Adventure Accessories!

Holy crap I am pregnant!!  Here has been my experience so far!! Paul and I hadn’t exactly been “trying” but we also decided to no longer actively not try; basically we decided to stop birth control and whatever happened, happened. About 6-7 months after stopping birth control, I noticed my […]

First Trimester!

RV Chains
We already gave you these Cold Weather RV Tips, but on this last trip, we have learned a few more you shouldn’t leave home without!  So, we;ll admit there was one bit of our own advice we didn’t follow. So, there we were, on the side of the 395, trying to […]

Don’t Go RV’ing Without THESE Winter Weather Tips!

Paul and I fell in love with Snowmass the first year we decided to get The Mountain Collective pass, and it’s become out number 1 skiing adventure destination.  The area is so versatile; you’ve got Buttermilk for families and youngsters, Aspen Highlands for the backcountry experience, Aspen/Ajax for more advanced […]


Few would argue that there is anything in life as exciting as your first child; ours isn’t even here yet and it has already been a life altering event!  The great thing about our situation is the plethora of friends we have that have JUST gone through this and are […]

The Biggest Adventure of Them All: A Baby!!

There are so many things to consider when cold weather camping, we almost don’t know where to begin. And, when we talk about cold weather camping, we mean going to places where there is snow! Some people might tell you to winterize your RV and just not take the chance, […]

Cold Weather RV Tips

Usually when we tell you about our culinary adventures, it’s about something less mundane than eggs.  But, if you’re a regular read of The Adventure Syndrome, you might have picked up that we don’t always plan things out way in advance.   So, in keeping with the norm, I found […]

A Not So Eggcellent Adventure

First of all, this Mammoth Getaway #CollectivePass kickoff to was the best planned trip we have ever taken!  The spot at the RV park was booked a week in advance (normally we wait until the last possible second) AND we had the rental car reserved a week in advance, too.  We originally […]

Mammoth Getaway

The rookie track was fascinating; it’s 1 timed mile, and teams are required to go under 175 mph. The rookie track is very versatile; it’s for rookie runs, licensing passes, and record runs. For teams to get their license, rookie drivers are required to go below 150 for their first […]

Bonneville Part II!