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Those of you who know us already know that we are die hard foodies.  But, given that today was the first time we’ve stepped into a big chain grocery store (for Kosher salt, of course!), the label just may fit.  We won’t admit how many of these things we’ve actually said!

Just don’t call us hipsters and we’ll get along fine (even though we might occasionally say things like “We used to like the Food Channel…”).

Phil's BBQ RB

But, seriously, we had Phil’s BBQ cater our wedding; does that still make us foodies? So, here is what our typical day is like, complete with recipes!

So, we may be foodies, but we’re no food snobs!  Our typical cooking adventures don’t get much farther than barbecuing with our fantastic little Weber Q1200 (which you can find on Amazon!), usually brats or steaks.
Q1200 Weber!

It’s been such a great little grill for cooking for two, that we actually use it as much at home as we Micido on the road. although at home, you’ll usually find a couple Cap Rib-eye steaks from Costco grilling to perfection! If you’re REALLY lucky, we’re making Mititei, although those REALLY deserve to be made over charcoal. Of course, these are the perfect candidate for making ahead, packing in the fridge, and barbecuing when you get to your campsite!

But when we are home, even our basic meals rarely (if ever) come from a box.  It doesn’t take much more than 15 minutes to make a breakfast that’s equally as  healthy (by our standards) as it is delicious: IMG_20160207_093726

It takes maybe 10 minutes to poach a couple eggs.  It might take as long as 20 minutes to cook up some bacon in the oven (trust us, it’s the best and EASIEST way to make it!), and about the same to make some creamed spinach (a traditional Romanian dish we ate as kids).

Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t get a little “fancy” now and then.  Now, if you are Romanian, some of this food will be your basic staples.  But, if you have never tried it before, it may not sound so delicious.  Creamed spinach sounds pretty boring, and if you told someone your breakfast consisted of grits, they might ask you what part of the South you are from.

But, if you tell any Romanian that you had some fresh made Mămăligă cu brânză şi ou (which literally translates to corn meal with cheese and egg), they might just ask if you have any left over!  We’ve tried a few different variations (we actually like this recipe without the egg best!), but sometimes, we just throw everything we have in a pan and go with a Frittata! Which would YOU rather pick?

Mămăligă cu brânză şi ou Frittata!

You might notice something missing from all these recipes.  While we are not actively following any Atkins of Paleo diet, we tend to believe they have more merits than most of the other “diet fads” we’ve heard Homemade breadabout and tend to lean in that general direction. Of course, do you REALLY think we could live without bread?  Every know and then, you need a good slice or two, and despite it’s reputation, baking bread is NOT much harder than anything else!  This requires some planning ahead, but this simple No-Knead Recipe has produced some incredible results for us!

The only “special equipment” needed for that is a good dutch oven, which you can find just about anywhere cheaply, AND they come in very handy when you are camping it, too!  Plus, a loaf of this travels great and makes for great sandwiches when we’re on the road.

IMG_20160724_110541Now if you’ve had your fill of breakfast and lunch, and are grilling those steaks again, we’ll leave you with one final recipe.

How could we dare call ourselves foodies if we didn’t have a garden?  This year, we had a squirrel that decimated our tomatoes, our Brussels sprouts, and even started attacking our basil before we took action!  Despite that, we have found ourselves with more basil than we can eat, even if we have Caprese salad every day!

So, we decided to try our hand at making some Basil Chimichurri sauce!  Now, we’ve had it a few times at restaurants and LOVED it, but then also had bought it a few times and HATED it.  So, do yousrself a favor, and try making some from scratch! It’ll go great on those steaks!

Bon Appétit! Stay posted for our favorites restaurants for when we hit the town!


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