The Adventure That is My Career – Where To Next?

Work and Adventure aren’t two things I normally think of as synonymous, but tonight, my career is about to take a very different path and certainly feels like I am embarking on a new adventure!  After 13 years at my present job in the aerospace sector, I am returning to my space roots, albeit taking the things I’ve learned about Test with me, and am going into my final day of work before embarking to new pastures.

It seems fitting that today was the day of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy test flight, in which Elon Musk launched his roadster on the way to Mars.  I can’t exactly explain it, but watching it, I couldn’t help but feel like perhaps this might be one of the most historic things that has happened i my lifetime. Yes, we have launched bigger rockets, but could this REALLY be the first step towards us leaving Earth to live on other planets?  Just maybe!  This just might have been my generation’s moon landing. If you missed it, here you go!

I had hoped our family could have a little bit of an adventure and vacation after ending my current job and before starting my new one, but alas, it was not to be so.  But, even if the start had aligned and given me the time off, where is the snow?!?  Both Mammoth and Aspen as having rather abysmal seasons so far, so here is hoping that the next month brings some serious precipitation and accumulation! So, it’s been quite the week!  Sold our RV (we’ll tell you what’s next soon!), and quit the job!

Until then, tell us about how YOUR career has shaped your adventures and where it’s taken you!

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