You Have To Try This Amazingly Simple Low Carb Pancake Recipe!

One way we are trying to get back in shape for our adventures is by going on a lowcarb, aka Atkins, diet.  Normally, making things like pancakes means finding some tricky recipe, strange ingredients, and then hoping it tastes KIND OF OK.  But this recipe may be our favorite one yet, especially since it is so simple!  And, the recipe is very easy to scale; just keep the 1:1 egg to cheese ratio!  You’ll need a blender, non-stick pan (aka a crepe pan), and a plastic or silicone spatula!


4 Eggs

4 Oz. Cream cheese

Pinch of Salt (to taste)

Mix the ingredients in a blender.  Give it 10 minutes to rest and the bubbles to subside.

Heat a bit of butter or oil in your pan, and pour a bit of butter in.  Cook until you see the edges start to lift or desperate just a little from the pan, then flip.  Don’t swirl them around in the pan or the edges will harden and break off.

We like to eat them like crepes, with a bit of sour cherry spread or a little syrup, and a side of butter.



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