7 Baby Must Haves – Baby, Mom, and Dad approved!

Guess what???? We have officially made it out of the fourth trimester. Paul and I are ready to share with you some of our baby must haves!

Paulica in the Fisher Price Animal Baby Party Bouncer

Paulica in the Baby Fisher Price Animal Party Bouncer

Humidifier – I never knew how crucial a humidifier was. We received some sage advice to never let the humidity drop below 50% in the house. Well we didn’t pay much credence to that advice and good lord we should have!!! Long story short, we let it get too dry and our poor baby got dry nose and super congested (cue the need for #4). Now he couldn’t breathe and no one was happy. Initially we had just one humidifier; this didn’t cut it in our two story house so we had to get another (and even with two we still struggle to keep the humidity at 50%).

Fisher Price Animal Party Bouncer – Paulica LOVES this thing; more than any of his toys by a long shot! He reaches out and touches the toys, he hits them and makes them spin. It stimulates him in a really wonderful way and helps him learn how to grasp for toys. Plus it keeps him entertained and we can sit closely with him. He has a bit of reflux so it is nice to have stimulation for him without laying him flat on his back.

Fisher Price Swing – We had initially bought a super expensive and super complicated swing that was huge and took up a ton of unnecessary space. Paul had put the whole thing together only to realize it was broken. So Paul took it back and while he was there he found this swing, on sale for stupid cheap. He got it set up (which took two seconds, super intuitive) and Paulica loves it. It vibrates, moves up and down, side to side and it has all kinds of noises/music. We mainly use it while we are cooking or something like that, it gives Paulica a nice high up view of what’s going on in the house.

UPDATE: This swing has been recalled due to the motor catching on fire : http://www.kwwl.com/story/36681578/2017/10/Wednesday/fisher-price-recalling-about-63000-infant-motion-seats

NoseFrida – I have to admit I was one of those people who scrunched their nose and gagged when I saw this thing at the store. I thought to myself “what kind of heathen parents use this nasty thing”…me, I am one of those heathen parents. This thing is incredible. The bulb that they give you at the hospital can be difficult to use and it doesn’t really make a good seal against the baby’s nose. The NoseFrida on the other hand does, making it so much easier to get out the offending boogers. Since poor Paulica has had a dry nose, we have used this a handful of times and it really does seem to make a difference; happy baby, happy house!

Infantino Go Gaga Chime – I wanted to buy hanging toys for Paulica so that when we went on drives I could put them on his car seat to help soothe him/keep him company. I bought a few different ones and it seemed like he just wasn’t into them. One of my support group friends said her baby really enjoyed musical toys so when I saw this chime at the new mother mecca (aka Target), I decided to give it a try. He is obsessed, he really reaches and tries to grab it. Just the other day he was messing with the crinkly mane that the giraffe has. Plus it makes a really lovely chime sound.

Baby Einstein Nautical Friends Play Gym – Watching Paulica on this mat is truly magical. His eyes really light up now. I often catch him smiling at the different hanging toys, especially the turtle. As he grows he is able to reach more of the toys. He still doesn’t quite grasp them yet, but he is getting close!

Evenflo Infant Carrier – This carrier is awesome!!!! It is so so so easy to use. Literally I just slip it over my head, put Paulica in and we are off. There are not a billion straps I have to try to figure out on my own. We take Paulica on afternoon walks with this every day and he really enjoys being able to look around and watch the trees. Plus its name is the same as a sweet Pearl Jam song, so it was meant for our family.

Other than that we really don’t have that many other products that are dedicated to just baby. I quickly learned postpartum that there is a lot of stuff marketed for baby that is COMPLETELY unnecessary. Stay tuned for all the things we have but never use.

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