4th of July Weekend Adventure!

Yosemite on the 4th of July with NO reservations you say??? Yes over the 4th of July weekend 2015 Paul and I made a last minute decision to head up north to mono county and Yosemite for some free, American camping. What better weekend to take advantage of BLM land than the 4th of July??

We had actually dropped our RV off at the dealership for some warranty work. They said we could pick her up Friday July 3rd, we picked her up mid morning. While Paul picked the RV up I got the food items ready so when he got home we could load her up and go! We left around noon and made it to Glass Creek Campground around 7 or so. I love these long summer days, we still had daylight! This campground was a free campground and we literally got the last spot. We went and spoke to the campground host, could this place really be this amazing AND free?? YES! One of the really cool things about this campground is that you can pick up laying wood and use it in your campfire, I don’t think I have ever stayed in a campground in CA where you are allowed to do that.

We promptly broke out our Cali Creamin beers, set up our chairs and the fire and settled in. The pine trees smelled amazing and the weather was just beyond perfect. The RV was lined up so that we could watch the moon rise from the bedroom and we got lucky with a full moon and a cloudless night. Dreamy doesn’t even begin to describe watching the night sky.

4th of July morning we decided to pack up and head up to Mono lake/Yosemite. We had found a true boondocking option at mono lake so if Yosemite was a total zoo that would be our back up plan. We got there relatively early so there wasn’t too bad of a line to get into the park. We did have to pay the 30 dollars for a pass, but it does last 7 days. Pass in hand we began the hunt for a spot! I tried calling a campsite on the way and pretty much got laughed off the phone “you…you want to know if we have any spots on the 4th of July Weekend???” “Ummm no, we are booked, the whole park is booked” well have RV, will travel so we figured we would give it the old college try and thank god we did.

We found ourselves (while driving through some amazingly picturesque sites, meadows and lakes EVERYWHERE) at the Porcupine Flats Campground, this is a relatively small campground, dirt roads, RV’s not recommended and $12 a night. We parked the RV at the front since it is VERY tight in the campground and set out on foot to find an open site, we settled on sight 11. Paul successfully got the RV through the site, he had to stop and back up twice to get around some of the corners but he did it!!!!! We found a beautiful spot in Yosemite to spend our national holiday.

We decided to try to get some hiking in but quickly decided we both needed to get real hiking boots and we weren’t entirely sure if Natasha could be on the trails with us, Yosemite has a ton of dog restrictions, so back to the site we went to relax, read and enjoy the fresh air. The flies were pretty pesky and we didn’t have any firewood to make a fire so we decided to go in and watch RV with Robin Williams IN our RV. We both LOVED it, of course alcohol and the fact that we were in our RV made the movie that much better.

That night the campground got pretty rowdy, and was a little loud, but nothing too ridiculous; it was a holiday after all. Given how crowded the park was we decided we would wake up early Sunday morning and hit the road to avoid most of the traffic. We woke up and pulled over at this GORGEOUS lookout where you could see Halfdome in all its glory, truly breath taking.


Then we made our way to Tenaya lake very close to the road and made a smoothie and just took in the glory of the nature surrounding us.

Yosemite 2

We hit the road and made it home safely and in one piece and devoured some delicious garlic chicken wings.